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Seacoast Home Crush

Aug 31, 2018

This episode features Evan Eppler from Bad Lab Beer Co. in Somersworth, NH.

Some of the really cool details you'll hear:

  • How the unique layout at Bad Lab came to be
  • Bad Lab's special connection to the community
  • Food + Beer, Beer + Food
  • Bad Lab's in-house brewed beer
  • How to pick a beer for everyone at your BBQ
  • Questions...

Aug 24, 2018

This episode features Daryl Justham and Dennis Williams of Housemaster Home Inspection of Rochester, NH.

This duo and came to share:

  • What a home inspection is and what it isn't
  • Issues seen most often in Seacoast homes
  • The difference between an inspection and the label "up to code"
  • How to find a quality...

Aug 17, 2018

This episode features Master Plumber Kevin Coppinger, owner of Cochecho Plumbing & Hydronic Heating.

Some of the really helpful info. you'll hear:

  • Common plumbing problems in Seacoast homes
  • When to call in a professional
  • Tips for prevention of common problems
  • What IS hydronic heating
  • How to maintain a healthy heating...

Aug 10, 2018

This episode features professional organizer Eileen Reed, owner of Simplify with Eileen.

Some of the SIMPLY great goodies you'll hear:

  • Why Eileen left her high-powered and lucrative career to start Simplify with Eileen
  • Common trouble spots in Seacoast area homes
  • Tips, tricks, and hacks
  • Simple ideas that don't involve...

Aug 3, 2018

This episode features Bill Covert, owner of Seacoast Roofing of New Hampshire.

Some of the Seacoast-specific goodies you'll hear:

  • The most common roofing problems home owners in the Seacoast area see
  • What roofing materials work well in our area and why 
  • How ages and styles of homes in this area play a role in a roofing...